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saymorre [userpic]

Aloha! I decided to make my journal {mostly} friends-only for now. Feel free to add me if you'd like. I just like to know who is reading my journal. Thanks!

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um... yea... I read it!


Hi, you added me but Im no sure where I know you from?

I'm sorry doll. LJ was giving me problems earlier leaving comments, but I saw you in WLS and you seem like a sweet person and I wanted to follow your story. Sorry I wasn't able to post a comment to you sooner ;) Good luck and you don't have to add me back if you don't want to so don't you worry your pretty (you really are) self.

Oh its okay! I will add you back. Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

Don't you worry girl! I know you just had surgery. I hope all is going well ;) thanks for adding me back.

Of course pretty lady. *giggles* I saw you post somewhere - can't remember where now - and for a minute I thought someone had stolen your pictures - but I figured maybe that was your "secret" journal or community journal or something ;)

Heads Up

Be careful of dandeliiion. She's a backstabber and troublemaker. She has many usernames and she joins communities and makes hateful remarks, and when they finally have enough of her antics and remove her, she lies about and backstabs the mods and anyone else who disagrees with her. This most recently happened with her in the uncooked community. Not saying you shouldn't friend her, just be extremely careful what information you share with her because she is known for taking it, twisting it, and then using it against others.

heyy can I email you about the secret? I have some questions

Sure darling. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. conscious.rose@gmail

I have seen you around can we be friends?

Sure doll. *added you back*

Hi Rose. Just dropped by from the mystic_cafe and based on your profile we seem to have a lot in common. I've added you to my flist so you can see my journal to find out if you want to add me to yours. :)

Sure doll, I've added you back.

hi.....not sure if you too me off or if I'm still on your list.....i trimmed my flist down too but I kept your on my list....let me know if you still want to keep up or not with my journal.....are u feeling any better today than the other day when you were feeling down about the ultrasound thingy?


Darling! You're still on my list? Is it not allowing you access? LJ has been acting weird for me lately. And yes, I would still like to keep up with your journal :o) I know I'm terrible at comments - but I do read it.

I'm feeling better, thank you so much for asking. I have to go in tomorrow morning for my blood test results. Thanks for the kind words & the hugs!

Oh cool, just wanted to check after I read your journal entry...& your welcome for the words & hugs. Glad your still reading my lj, and I read yours as well even if I do not comment regularly.

Happy 4th! Hope you have a great long weekend :-)

I didn't know you added me. I rarely check back to my profile. I'm adding you. Sorry if I came off rude.

Hey my name is Anthony by the way.

You're not being rude at all. I got to your page from hoodiesjeans and you seemed interesting. I thought I had messaged you, sorry if you didn't get it. Thanks for adding me back. I'm Rose.